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Tips to Get Weed Delivery on Time

It is normal for weed orders to take longer than the estimated shipping times or to get postponed for a couple of days or weeks. Regardless of the type of order, customers want it to be delivered faster. In fact, rapid fulfillment has a huge impact on the success of online businesses.

Due to Amazon’s fastest delivery times, customers expect other online stores to catch up and deliver orders faster. If you are experiencing issues with weed delivery, there are some ways to ensure that the order is delivered on time, if not faster.

Tips to Get Weed Delivery on Time

Cannabis consumers find it hard to wait for days for the weed order to arrive at the destination. In 2022, it does not feel right to wait for that long to receive the order. With optimized shipping times, business owners intend to make their customers happy by delivering orders on time.

Here are some things that you can do to get weed delivery on time.

Express Your Concern

The weed delivery service will not ship the order on time unless you show your concern. Leave a message while placing the order stating why you need it at the earliest possible. Whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes, mention reasons in detail why it is important for the order to be delivered on time.

In addition, it is important to choose a reputable dispensary or cannabis delivery vancouver and online service to get cannabis on time. Credible weed shipping services always go the extra mile to ensure that the order is not delayed.

Ask Them to Cancel Order If the Delivery is Late

If it is taking too long to deliver, cancel the order unless you still need it. Email them that you want to cancel the order because of the slow shipping times, this may urge them to increase the shipping speed. Initially, ask them the estimated time the order will deliver, if it is too late, request them to cancel the order. This trick often works, making the delivery service deliver on time.

Visit the Store

Even if you are contacting them every day and not getting any response, leave a message via live chat or get the phone number of the store manager. Often, store owners and managers take the customer’s complaint seriously and strive to get the customer happy by delivering on time.

Threaten to Leave a Negative Review

Online store owners fear nothing more than a negative review as it affects their reputation. Warn them only if it is too late, otherwise, no need for a follow-up. It will urge the workers to make necessary actions to ensure that the order is delivered on time.


Nothing is more frustrating than the slow shipping times, placing the order, and choosing the best courier to get it on time. Keep tracking the shipment, if it is delayed, contact the online store and ask them about the time limit and why you want it earlier.

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