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How to Start a Marijuana Delivery Service?

When we order groceries, meals, and pretty much everything online, why not marijuana? After its legalization, it is no longer a taboo and is used nationwide for its medicinal and recreational properties. Unfortunately, it is not lawful for all states to deliver weed through a delivery service yet.

Like every other business, it is quite challenging whether you are a dispensary operator or working independently. With the high demand for marijuana, marijuana delivery service is undoubtedly a booming business. If you are planning to start a mail order marijuana delivery service, follow the guide to take the first step.


Before starting any business, an aspiring business owner has to research the market trends, consumer behavior, and the right location. Know the local laws to confirm if they allow weed delivery services and what kind of licenses and permits will be required.

Also, research on the target audience, dispensaries available, software, and what needs to be done differently to attract marijuana consumers. Importantly, sort out the legal issues as you would not want to pay a fine for illegal trade at a later stage.

Licenses and Permits

If the state allows marijuana delivery, do not start the business without a license or legal permit. In fact, one of the first things you have to do is submit the necessary documents to apply for a license and required permits.

If you are working independently, you have to acquire premises to store inventory and run business operations. Contrarily, if the dispensary is opening a cannabis delivery service, the owner has to obtain a regular retailer business license.


Educate yourself and the staff about the new rules and regulations relating to the marijuana delivery service. Make sure that each driver carries a copy of the business license and legal permits and is aware of delivery compliance.

Each courier should be packed considering new locations and authorized vehicles can not carry over $3000 worth of weed at a time. Moreover, delivery drivers must not be driving under the influence of narcotics which results in heavy fines.


Only hire drivers, over the age of 21, having authentic driving licenses and prior experience as a cannabis delivery driver. If they can use different tools to record transactions and understand delivery compliance, get them onboard, and give them a copy of the business license and an employer ID badge.


Train drivers and staff to use delivery software to accept orders, navigate their routes, and send receipts. Many popular companies have launched delivery-centric programs with all the features needed to process transactions including accepting orders, tracking deliveries, and pursuing the best route.

In addition, you can use specialty apps that can be integrated with the POS software to have the features you need.

Start Delivering Marijuana!

Once the business is set up, it is time to start accepting and earning some cash. If you have done everything right, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time. Importantly, adjust the business model as per the changing laws and regulations to continue making profits.

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