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Science Behind The Way Water Bong Works And How To Get The Right One??

A bong, a water pipe, is a filtering device often used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, and other herbal compounds. It is similar to a hookah, and a bong uses a filtration device. It comprises a waterproof bowl stem, a water container, and a pipe called a “draw tube.”

Water Bongs are readily available in various sizes, colors, and forms.

The word “bong” derives from a Thai word that means a pipe or cylindrical container. It is also known by the names such as bing or pipe for a bong. Bongs are eminent among youngsters and can be customized according to the user’s design and choice.

A Typical Bong Has 5 Components –

  1. Bowl Container- the bowl is the spherical part that contains the dried leaves. Bowls come in various sizes and colors and are usually removable, so they can be cleaned well.
  2. Carburetor- often used as ‘carb,’ a hole through which one can clear the smoke.
  3. Downstem – it acts as a bridge that links the bowl to the main water chamber, attached through a hole roughly 14 or 18mm.
  4. Mouthpiece- The mouthpiece helps you inhale the smoke directly. These are customary; earlier, they came in horizontal, but these days, angular is in fashion by which you don’t have to hunch and can quickly puff.
  5. The Base- the bottommost part of a bong that comes sturdy and thick. Bases are manufactured tough so that they don’t break easily.

Working Mechanism Of Water Bongs –

Firstly, when you burn the herbs, they get lit, and their chemical bonds get broken and converted into smoke. The primary function of a bong is to clear out all the unwanted substances and leave behind the essential components for smoke. The leftover ash sticks to the water molecule, and the remaining neutral part, used for inhaling, gets left behind.

The primary function of water is to cool down the smoke before reaching the mouth. However, it is crucial to ensure to keep the smoke cool. Keeping the water clean and potable for an enhanced experience is essential.

The flavor of your choice will be impacted by chemicals in the water, most commonly chlorine, which is toxic to breathe. Always clean the bong before using it.

How To Get The Right One?

Choosing the right bong might be difficult, but it depends on your needs. Are you looking for more excellent rips or a softer rip with fewer clouds?

Bongs come in different sizes; the small ones are portable and ideal for traveling with you. Medium-size bongs are suitable for daily usage at home and the best option for a beginner. Lastly, the large-sized water bongs, although not limited to beginners, are an absolute purchase for good filtration due to increased volume, which gives a smooth inhaling experience.

Bongs are made of different materials, such as – ceramic or glass bong making a fragile option, silicone bong, and acrylic. One can choose the most effective one for their requirement based on durability, performance, and price.


One can say that glass bongs are a great hit in the market with a diversity of designs and colors, but one thing that makes them unique and likable is the ability to make you high in a few seconds, better than rolling joints. In addition to its smooth hit, it marks the first choice for cannabis lovers.

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